We offer many services to bring you and your audience together:




1) Self-recording – We provide technical guidance to teachers, who then instruct the performers how to self-record their acting/dancing/singing/instrumental parts.


2) Recording In Person with an Audience – We videotape the performance live, to be edited into a finished video.


3) Recording in Person with No Audience – We record your event performed live without an audience, in full or in parts. We edit the recording into a finished video to be shared with the community.


4) Live Streaming – We record and live stream the performance so that viewers can watch from their home computers and devices.  




We create an edited MP4 video file in 1080p high definition that you can share with your community in a number of ways.


A) Archival – Our edited MP4 file creates an archival video of your event.


B) Distribution – You can post the MP4 file to YouTube, Vimeo, or similar, and share the link with your community so that they can watch whenever they want. You can optionally share a download link so that your community can save the video for posterity.


C) Live streaming – You can create the feeling of a live event by live streaming the MP4 video on a specific date and allowing people to view it together. Live streaming can also include live chat for community interaction as the event is streamed. This brings your audience together while watching from their separate homes.