Let us bridge the gap between your presentation and your audience, whether you're entirely remote, performing for an empty house, or anything in between.


If your group is remote only, we can edit your self-recorded videos into a virtual production or virtual chorus grid. We also offer live streaming of any finished video to create the feeling of a live event. 


If you have limited groups meeting in person, we can record each element of your event separately, then edit them together to create a cohesive finished video.


If you are performing a live stage production without a full audience, we can live stream the performance to your community as it happens, and create a finished video for archival use and/or distribution.


We also offer consulting and technical support for your zoom meetings, webinars, and any events that bring your community together, including performing arts, visual arts galleries, school meetings, graduations, and religious ceremonies. 


Interested? Send us a message! We would love to discuss the process and workflow that best fits your needs.


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