A professional audition reel or pre-screen video will showcase your talents as a performer. We can videotape on location at recording studios, recital halls, theaters, schools, and black box spaces. Our backdrops and lighting will illuminate the performer in front of a black, gray, or white background. We place professional microphones just out of frame on boom stands to ensure crystal-clear audio reproduction of your work. You are encouraged to bring your drama/voice/dance teacher and/or coach to the recording session.  During the videography process, we can offer guidance on how your performance reads from behind the camera and allow you to make adjustments over the course of multiple takes.


Do your videos need to meet specific technical guidelines for acceptance by various schools or competitions? We can record and edit multiple versions of one performance to meet the variety of requirements that you may encounter from different programs. A high quality video will signal that you have taken the time to present yourself well.