Two-Camera Videography

We use two cameras to mimic a three-camera studio production at an affordable rate.  While one camera always keeps the full performing group in the frame, our other camera is free to frame solos, follow melodies, and showcase select groups within the whole.  This keeps the video interesting and gives every performer a closeup moment on camera. 


Recital Audio Recording

A good recital video is all about quality audio recording.  We typically make three redundant audio recordings of a recital so that we may create a high quality mix for the finished video, using the following:

1) A mounted microphone placed on our camera for general house recording. 

2) A stereo pair of small microphones that we place close to the stage for top quality audio recording close to the performers.

3) A direct feed from any sound reinforcement system you may be using for your live audience, when available. If you happen to have your own audio recording of the concert, which we find is the case sometimes, we can incorporate that into our video as well.

Titles and DVD Chapters/Menus

Our title credits give your video a finished look.  Using the information in your program, we create an opening title card and scrolling credits at the end of your video.  For DVD editing, we create custom chapters, using stills from the production make a polished DVD menu. 


Digital Download Distribution 

We offer digital downloads as MP4 video files of the full recital in high definition.  As most recitals break down into individual songs, we include in each order a file containing the whole event, and a collection of small files each containing one song. We send you a link to download the files directly to your computer.

Why We Specialize

Many professional wedding and party videographers believe that all videography is the same. This is why you often see recitals recorded with boring framing, wide shots only, and poor audio. Our videographers are expertly trained in the specific techniques that create a professional quality video of a recital.