Types of Sports Videos

A sports video can take many forms. For teams that need a highlight reel of their performance in a championship game, we would recommend a videographer with a hand-held camera roving the perimeter of your field/court throughout the game. For teams that want to capture a complete game, we would use one or two cameras on tripods on one side of the field/court, running continuously. We work with you to create a custom plan that fits your videography needs. 

Outdoor Videography

We have the capability of operating professionally outdoors. We can operate entirely on battery power if wall power is not available. We come prepared for all weather situations, and our team of videographers allows for flexible scheduling in the case of weather related delays or rescheduling. We can even live stream your game wirelessly as long as there is good cell phone reception at your field location. 

Sports Video Options

In addition to recording and/or live streaming your game, we offer behind-the-scenes videography using a handheld camera and an interview microphone, to ask the athletes and coaches how they feel before, during, and after the game.

Why Live Stream a Game?

If you want your game to be available to your larger community as it happens, we can do that! Nothing gets a school or a community more excited than seeing a Facebook Live notification that the game is on!  So what if the major networks aren't there... that won't stop us from bringing you to your fans wherever they may be in the world.