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Two-Camera Videography

Our 15+ years of dance performance videography experience brings out the best of your performance on video. We use two cameras to capture every moment of your choreography. Our closeup camera captures solo moments and smaller groups, and our wide camera keeps the full group in its shot to showcase your choreography.  

Audio Recording

Our focus on audio recording is what makes our finished videos stand out. We typically make three redundant audio recordings of every event, using the following:

1.  A microphone mounted on our camera for general house recording. 

2.  A stereo pair of small microphones that we place at the front of your stage to capture tap dancing feet and high quality audio of your music. 

3.  A direct feed of your music from your house sound system, when available.

Our editors then create the best audio mix for your production.


Young Dancers

For the youngest dancers, we sometimes make an exception to our rule of never cutting choreography, because we know that parents want to see their own dancer up close. We might alternate full group footage with small group footage, which gives each dancer a special moment on-screen during their time on stage.


Digital Downloads

Most dance performances consist of individual dance groups/routines. Our digital download package includes a video file of the full event as well as an individual video of each dance. This allows you to easily share your own performance with friends and family.



Our title credits give your video a finished look. Using the information in your program, we create a main title at the start and scrolling credits at the end of your video. For dance recitals containing many individual dances, we start each dance with its own title. 

Why We Specialize

Our videographers are expertly trained in the specific techniques that create a professional quality dance video. Our knowledge of dance videography has brought us long-term relationships with major dance studios in the Tri-state area. Please inquire to see examples of our dance videography.

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