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We have been at the forefront of live streaming technology since 2012. We can simultaneously record and live stream your event to any of the popular platforms including Facebook Live and We leverage our Premium membership to provide you with detailed analytics after your event, showing where in the world your audience members were located, how many tuned in, and more.


During the live stream we mix multiple camera angles to bring the highest production value to your remote audience. In addition, we have collaborated with a number of institutions to bring TEDx events to their own stages. Our standard practices meet or exceed the strict guidelines required by TEDx. 


Live streaming allows you to reach a wider audience. You can use live streaming to inspire your broader community, engage your alumni, and motivate your potential donor base. Is your venue too small? You can live stream directly to an overflow room of your choosing. Whether you're trying to be seen around the world, or just reach more of your own community, we have a live streaming solution for you. 

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