Our two-camera event videography makes any type of live-audience experience into an equally watchable video experience.  We focus on audio as much as video, combining multiple recordings of each for maximum quality every time.  


We work with you to create pricing and a scope of work that best suits your needs and your budget.  We can offer flat fee services for a simple pricing structure, DVD, USB thumb drive, and direct digital download sales that often cover the full cost of videography, or a hybrid of both. In some cases, our service can become a fundraiser for your institution, with sales generating dollars to support your programming. 


In addition to our base services, we have additional options, including highlight reel creation for sharing the best moments on your website and social media. We offer "behind the scenes" videography with a roving camera which we turn into a montage of the fun and work involved in your creative process.  For maximum audience outreach, any event can be live streamed and shared with your wider community as it happens.