What Religious Events Do We Record?

We have experience recording First Communions, Confirmations, Holiday Pageants, Masses, and other religious services. We operate discreetly and with deference to those in attendance and to the importance of the ceremony.


Typical Ceremony Setup

Our standard setup includes two cameras: one primarily for closeups following the center of attention or the person speaking, and the other for wider and alternate framing. We optionally offer a third camera to capture entrance processions from the front.  We work seamlessly within the confines of your venue, with the aim of disappearing into the background during your event.  

Audio Recording

A professional video must have professional-quality audio recording.  We usually make three audio recordings, using the following:

1) A mounted microphone placed on our camera for general house recording. 

2) A stereo pair of small microphones that we place at strategic locations up front to capture "front row audio."

3) A direct feed from your house sound system, when available. 

Our editors then create the best audio mix for your production.

Why Live Stream a Ceremony?

If you have an overflow audience, we may be able to help. We can live stream directly to your overflow location so that the event can be viewed onsite in another venue. We can also live stream to the internet to bring your event to elderly family members, relatives and friends living abroad, or anyone else in the community who is unable to attend in person. 

Titles and DVD Chapters/Menus

Our title credits give your video a finished look.  Using the information in your program, we create an opening title card and scrolling credits at the end of your video.  Our DVDs have chapter points for easy navigation, and we use stills from the event to create a polished DVD menu. 

Digital Download Distribution

We offer digital downloads as MP4 video files of the full ceremony in high definition.  We send you a link to download the file directly to your computer.

Why We Specialize

Don't lose the importance of your event to a built-in camera system or unmanned tripod.  We will make your video a cherished memory with careful attention to every moment. Our videographers are expertly trained in the specific techniques that create your professional quality video.