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Typical Setup

Our standard setup includes two cameras: one primarily for closeups of the person speaking, and the other for wider framing of the full event. Our cameras also capture projected materials as needed, and we can optionally incorporate your original files into the video edit. We run wired microphones from the podium(s) and event area directly to our cameras for optimal sound quality, and we take a feed of the house audio from your sound system, when available.  

Why Live Stream?

Live streaming allows you to reach a wider audience. Live streams can augment your local attendance, showcase the importance of your topic to a broader community, and increase the accessibility of your event. 

Why We Specialize

Our experience recording stage events includes lectures, seminars, panels, and conferences, and our two-camera videography is a perfect fit to showcase your presentation.  


Our business model is designed to accommodate a wide range of event budgets. We offer flat-rate pricing and optional USB / Digital Download sales that can significantly reduce the cost of our services. 


Please contact us if you are interested in booking videography services. Andrew will be happy to discuss the details of your event and propose a scope of work and pricing plan that best fits your needs.

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