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Record a very short video of yourself, your children, your entire shelter-in-place cohort, or any combination, briefly sending love and good vibes to the MMS community. Please follow these guidelines:


Disclaimer:  Depending on response, it is possible not all clips will be included in the finished edit.

Verbal Content Ideas:

• Waving, blowing kisses, brief shout-outs such as "I love you," "I miss you," "Hang in there," etc.
• Messages of thanks, particularly for the teachers (as a group) who have converted the school to distance learning without ever signing up for such a difficult task, and who are clearly working all the time to do everything they can through the limitations of social distancing. 
• Positive short hopeful messages like "We're all in this together,"  "We can't wait to see you again," and "We're all going to get through this as an MMS community," and the like.

Visual Content Ideas:

• If you want to include any other family members or pets, please do.
• If you want to showcase video of yourselves in your "new normal," or your school work-spaces, or students hard at work, please do.
• If you have a piece of artwork or any other type of school work that your child has made (with or without your help) that you're all proud of, consider including it in your video or sending a video or photo of it for me to use as part of a montage of images showing how our school is still functioning in this new way.

• If you, your children or your family are busy planting seeds, making art or masks or music, dancing, singing, playing games, please feel free to share these photos or videos.

What you will need: 

• iPhone or similar smartphone with excellent camera built in, in the HORIZONTAL position.
• Someone or something to hold the iPhone steady.

• Good lighting.


• Make sure your recording device resolution is set to 1920x1080 (or higher, though higher is not necessary). This will be in your "camera" application settings, most likely.

• Consider your appearance... look presentable even if casual. 

•You should be framed with your eyes about 2/3 of the way from the bottom of the screen, and just a bit of room above your head. 

• Try to avoid super-close-ups... at a minimum, we want to see your entire head down to your waist. You can be as far away as full body. You can be seated or standing.

• Think about lighting. DO NOT INCLUDE BRIGHT WINDOWS IN YOUR BACKGROUND. We want you to be the brightest thing in your shot.

• Think about reflections, particularly glasses. If you can see your eyeballs without too much glare, keep your glasses. If not, please remove them. We want to see your eyes!

• Do anything you can to have the iPhone you're using to record yourself perched somewhere steady, at about the height of your shoulders. If all else fails, ask someone to hold the iPhone, but implore them to hold it steady during your takes.

• You can be inside or outside. If outside, avoid windy moments. Avoid private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.


Once you're done, you should end up with a video file or two and some optional stills that you want to send me. Navigate to this link on your phone and find the files and send them to this DropBox interface (you do not need an account):

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